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The RSBP is a certification program that helps local businesses operate more efficiently. Businesses who participate will learn how to assess their energy consumption, worksite wellness and overall sustainability. Businesses that make positive changes will then become “Resource Smart Certified” and receive recognition and promotion for their efforts.

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Resource Smart Business Program Brochure (overview of the benefits you receive for participation) Brochure
Resource Smart Business Application  (fill this out to apply to participate in the Program)                           Apply Online Here
The Six Step Process (overview of what your involvment in the Program will look like) Six Steps

The RSBP is a collaboration between Bright Green LLC, Fort Lewis College Environmental Center, Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE), Healthy Lifestyle La Plata, Local First, La Plata Electric Association and SWConnect.

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"astute, as in business; clever or bright"

The Resource Smart Business Program (RSBP) helps local business owners and employees work smarter, not harder. It is a voluntary six step certification program that helps businesses increase their competitive advantage by reducing their resource consumption.



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"The Resource Smart Business Program has inspired me to start making changes that will improve our business, staff satisfaction, and ultimately the community,” said Renae Muller, Owner of Gloss.“LED lighting has enhanced the look of the store and merchandise and will drastically lower my electric bill. We even created a mission statement to indicate our enthusiasm about minimizing our impact on the environment and having fun doing it."

"Working with the RSBP pilot program has enabled us to make smart business decisions for the Coop that not only affect the bottom line, but also our employees, customers and the environment. So far the program has helped us to convert our refrigeration lighting from T-12 to LED, saving 7,688 KWh and $769 annually. We expect to see a return on this investment in just 24 months."-- Joshua Jackson, General Manager, Durango Natural Foods



"The RSBP has enabled us to reduce our energy use to improve our bottom line, as well as help our employees, customers and the environment," commented Tim Wheeler, owner of Durango Coffee Company. "The $1,194 we are projected to save annually is good for our pocket book, and the 22,085 pounds of greenhouse gases we'll prevent is good for our community and the earth. I recommend all businesses in the 4 Corners area look to the RSBP for help in improving their resource efficiency and therefore their bottom line, it is a wonderful community resource."