The Internship Initiative was organized by the Southwest Region Workforce Board Youth Council’s La Plata Chapter.  La Plata County needed to identify opportunities for youth development and employment in order to create a more engaged and civically responsible youth population.  It began with two goals:
  • To Identify and expand work experiences and internships available to youth and young adults in La Plata County.
  • To engage employers with youth development in La Plata County by supporting and enhancing the opportunities offered by employers.  The Initiative will support employers by providing resources to assist with youth development and internship program development.

So what do we mean when we say internship? We support four types of opportunities: apprenticeships, internships, mentorships, and work placements.

Apprenticeship: On-the-job training specific to a trade or vocation.

Internship: Official or formal on-the-job training program which provides experience in a specific occupation or profession.

Mentorship: Personal developmental relationship, in which a more experienced individual guides or counsels a less experienced person.

Work Placement: Practical work experience for an individual with little to no prior work experience.